There is an old folklore told in Rameshfs village. Every year during the festival season, a fairy comes from the mountain of the gods. But the fairy takes the form of a puppet, and only children can see the true appearance of the fairy. People say that an important inspiration is given to those who see the fairy. But as the children grow up they cannot see the fairy any longer. Ramesh thinks he saw the fairy when he was a boy, but now it is all a memory of long agoc

In the childhood of Ramesh, the festival was held in his village. Ramesh saw a beautiful puppet, and was enchanted very much then. That night, in the barn of his grandmother's house, Ramesh met the beautiful girl Nisha who wore a beautiful ethnic costume. The villagefs children in the vicinity gathered in the barn. And they danced all happily with Nisha. Next morning, they saw leaving of the cart of Nisha from the village.

After 10 years, Ramesh came to grandmother's house with his parents. The grandmother was heavy and was sick. Ramesh met Nisha again in the riverbank. Nisha bade farewell to Ramesh. And, she disappeared. Ramesh picks up the pinwheel. It blows guns and the pinwheel falls in the river. At that time, the grandmother died.

After 30 years, Ramesh became an architect. And, he is doing the activity that preserves a historical town in Nepal. However, he was greatly disappointed because he knew an old apartment house had been demolished.

Ramesh returns to his deceased grandmother's village for the recuperation of his own spirit with his family. Then, it meets old friends. Ramesh wishes that it meets Nisha. However, the old friends did not remember Nisha. Ramesh comes home holding mysterious feelings. His son is found playing alone. His son is obtaining the pinwheel. Ramesh asks to his son.hWas someone here now? From whom was this gotten?h. The son answers. gThere was a girl. She gave me this one.h Ramesh embraces his son closely in surprise. " son"

The cart with Nisha and her family moves on. Nisha smiles and turns back to look at the village. The cart gets over a pass.